Festival of Colors – Holi 2014

Festival of Colors 2014:  In India, the Holi is announced as the Festival of Colors every year in the month of March. However, this Festival of Colors is no only celebrated in India only, but in many other countries too. In India, the Holi festival signals the arrival of the spring and saying goodbye to the winters.

The festival makes the atmosphere very fresh with the social merriments. Every nook and the corner seem to be colorful. People the color powder to make the surrounding colorful with their joy and happiness.

Everyone at this festival of colors which has been named as Holi in India, is covered by various shades of colors. Whether it’s young or the old one, all bury their hatchets with the warm embrace and throw away all the worries with the wind.

You can see the various colors that are used in this festival. The main colors that seem to be very good to use are the Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver and Green.  Some people with a small group can bee seen as singing, dancing and throwing colors on each other on this joyful event.

Festival of Colors

Though, In the country  the Liquid colors are also used. But wherever it is still some effect of winter, it is avoided that places. Only the color Powder is used to celebrate the festival of Colors. Also the dry colors are better than the liquid colors for photographs.

In 2014, the festival of color is said to be occurring on 17th March 2014, Which is seeming to come very close day by day. Everyone is waiting desperately for the Fest.

However, in some other countries, the people will have to wait for this amazing colorful event to occur. For instance, we are listing the popular dates when the Festival of  colors will occur in 2014.

List of Day for Festival of Colors 2014

  • Festival of Colors in India – 17th March
  • Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork – 29th March
  • Festival of Colors in Las Vegas – 26th April
  • Festival of Colors in Salt Lake City – 3rd May
  • Festival of Colors in San Bernardino – 24th May
  • Festival of Colors in Oceanside –  21th June

The Modern Adaptation of Holi

According to the popular legends, the Festival of Holi has been derived the demoness Holika, who was the sister of the Hiranya Kashipu King. He claimed himself as God, but his son, Prahlad, denies to consider him as GOD and devoted himself towards Lord Vishnu.

Hiranya Kashipu decides to punish him with the help of her sister who was immune to any damage from fire. She sits in the fire carrying the little boy Prahlad, but the divine intervention destroys her and saves the boy.

This event had given birth to the Holi festival and since then the day is celebrated as Holi.  The festival is celebrated to mark the burning of evil Holika. And The next is considered as the Festival of Colors.

We wish you a very Happy Holi 2014 and   the joyful Festival of Colors 2014

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